Rowing Machine Reviews and Comparison

Rowing Machine Reviews & Comparison Table 2016

Concept2 Model D/E$945
Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower$549
Lifecore R100 Commercial Rower$1,216
Lifespan Fitness RW100$499
Kettler Favorit$399
Kettlet Kadett$599
Bodycraft VR100$929
Stamina Air$299
Body trac glider$136
Stamina 1215$240

Rowing is the most efficient form of exercise on the planet!

Watch this video from World Rowing to see why.

Below, you will find a helpful comparison chart of the best indoor rowers on the market. Click on the links to read the in depth rowing machine reviews.

For those of you in a hurry, I thought I would cut to the chase and give you my opinion of which are best two rowing machines on the market today. After considering designs, prices, warranties, and other factors, we have a tie for the best home rowing machine: The WaterRower and the Concept2. Both machines offer amazing designs and are well-made. The slight differences between them really come down to a personal preference.

Best Cardio Machine

“Don’t be fooled into thinking this machine gives you only an upper-body workout. Rowers are more advanced cardiovascular machines.”

Rowing Machine Reviews- Girl on Concept2 RowerThere are many cardio exercise machines on the market, but which can truly be called the best? While you may have a personal preference for a specific exercise style, the reality is that there are many row machine benefits that outweigh the pros of owning any other cardio machine. Rowing gives you a full body workout that burns more calories and reaches more muscle groups than any other type of exercise machine.

If you are determined to reach your fitness goals and want to use an exercise equipment rowing machine, also called an ergometer, to help you, the next step is choosing which to purchase. This may feel like a difficult decision to make, especially if you start searching online for the best rowing machine. There are many websites dedicated to providing reviews and breakdowns of all the top rated rowing machines. In the end, however, you need to make the right choice for you personally.

The following information will help you compare your options wisely so that you can analyze the best gym machines for your home and decide which to buy. Instead of making a hasty choice that you might later regret, take your time and compare all possible options. The time invested is well worth it.

Best Rowing Machine Options by Category

While you will still need to check out rowing machine reviews and do some comparison shopping before making your final choice, these are some of the top choices for best rowing machine organized into a few categories.

  • For Saving Space and MoneyStamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine
    • Pros: Lightweight, Inexpensive
    • Cons: You get what you pay for. The hydraulic design does not allow for realistic rowing movements. The machine does not allow for leg pushes and therefore will not give you a true full body workout; it mostly works out your arms and upper body.
  • For Getting a Great Workout at HomeWaterRower
    • Pros: Excellent design. Easy to use. The WaterRower offers water resistance with a full range of movement that will work out your entire body. This machine will look great in your home and even makes a stress relieving, realistic water sound with each stroke.
    • Cons: More expensive than some discount models.
  • For Having a Realistic Rowing ExperienceConcept2 Model D
    • Pros: This rower is used by many professional indoor rowing competitions because of its close similarity to real rowing. It is the best air resistance rower you can find for home use and one of the most popular on the market.
    • Cons: If you want the realistic appeal of using water resistance, this might not be for you. The price can also be a deterrent if you are shopping on a budget.

The Best Rowing Machine for Home

Ultimately, the decision as to which of the top rated rowing machines is best for you is a personal one. However, there are several factors that you should take into consideration before you even start shopping for a specific model. Ask yourself these important questions to help you speed up your search and make choosing the best rower easier.

  • What are my personal fitness goals? Are you a beginner looking to get in shape? If so, a basic rower with a simple design will be all you need. For more experienced fitness enthusiasts, an advanced rower with additional design features would be ideal. Before you start shopping, think about whether you just want to get in shape or you have a loftier goal, like competitive rowing.
  • Where will I use the rower? If you live in a small apartment, storage space is probably a big concern. On the other hand, if you have a dedicated fitness room or home gym set up, you do not need to consider the space that a rower takes up. Some rowers are specifically designed to be space saving and can either fold up or be stored vertically when not in use.
  • What is my budget for home fitness equipment? Buying an ergometer for your home is an investment in your personal fitness. While some of the best indoor rowing machines can be rather pricey, they really are not comparatively more expensive than many other exercise machines. Still, deciding what your personal budget is before you start shopping will help you narrow down your options quickly.

Types of Rowing Machines

Not all home rowing machines are made in precisely the same way. This is particularly the case in regards to the type of resistance the machine uses to give you a workout. The four main types of resistance that aim to mimic the experience of rowing through water are:

  1. Water: This might seem obvious, but having real water incorporated into the design of exercise machines is not necessarily easy. One major advantage of have a water resistance rower is that you get the sound and look of water which, if you want an aesthetically pleasing machine, is nice.
  2. Air: Air resistance rowers are preferred by professionals because they come extremely close to producing the same resistance experience you would get from actually rowing on the water.
  3. Hydraulic: These machines are usually the smallest and the cheapest, so choose a hydraulic model if saving space and money is important for you. They are designed to use hydraulic cylinders attached the handles. The major disadvantage of hydraulic rowers is that they cannot accurately produce the leg drive and free movement of true rowing because of their stationary design.
  4. Magnetic: Rowing machines that use electromagnets to create resistance are quieter than other models. If you are looking for a truly authentic experience, however, you may not like that magnetic rowers produce constant resistance.
Make you own Rowing Machine

This is totally cool! I guess if you have time and can’t afford a Lifecore R100, then this has to be for you. I found it fun anyway!!

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