About Me

Craig MorganMy name is Craig Morgan and I am a sports physiologist, fitness trainer, ex-gym owner and rugby coach.

I have been rowing for about fifteen years. I have spent most of my time in a single or double scull, which requires a lot of balance and patience to learn. I see the kids out on the water keeping their boats beautifully straight and level and wish that I had had the opportunity to learn at that age.

Still, what I lack in finesse, I make up for with power… I am still one of the top ergo rowers in the club. We have Concept2 model Ds in the boathouse as do all the clubs I know. The reason is the accuracy of the monitor, the consistency of the stroke and the durability of the machine. The challenge of beating your last 2000m time is one that I always relish but dread at the same time. It doesn’t matter how fit I get, it still hurts as much as my first attempt!

Disclaimer: I wrote these reviews as authentically and genuinely as possible. They are based on personal testing when possible and when not, as a result of a lot of reading of other peoples’ experiences. If you click on one of the amazon links and purchase a machine, I do get a small commission, which helps me keep this site going. Thanks for visiting – Craig