BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine Review

bodycraft VR100 row machine

The BodyCraft VR100 has a stunning appearance and has a friendly price (
best price found on Amazon –  $699 down from $840
) making it an ideal choice for those on a budget. That being said, it was designed for individuals who want the best in rowing workouts and the machine is well built with a robust frame made of aluminum ensuring that the rower will serve you for many years to come. 

The built in heart rate monitor is capable of connecting to most third party monitors that you may already have, such as a polar watch. The machine is not so noisy that you cannot watch TV at the same time. It is a magnetic rowing machine and has six levels of variance with a smooth rowing action and a steady resistance throughout the pull.

Bodycraft VR100 Reviews – 4-star

Specifications and Features

The dimensions are 68 x 17 x 22(height) inches

Weighs about 250 lbs. Despite the fact that it is very big, it can easily be moved around.

The seat slide is 44 inches.Bodycraft VR100

It comes with a 1 year warranty against all faults and a lifetime frame warranty.

The electronic monitor shows heart rate, stroke count, workout time and the possible amount of rowing machine calories burned. It is a very simple monitor receiver that allows you to track your cardiovascular exercise. However, it does not seem to be very accurate at measuring distance or calories. Rather it just counts the strokes.

Features Summary
  • Six levels of resistance: Level 1—air resistance—level 2-6 air magnetic resistance.
  • It has nylon netting for quiet and smooth performance
  • Lightweight aluminum handle – coated with rubber.
  • Wind resistance fan that blows via a vent to keep you calm!
  • Folds up for easy storage, the inbuilt transport wheels make it mobile.
  • One year warranty on parts
  • Indoor rowing machine with ergonomic seat slides together with precision bearing rollers.
  • The bodycraft rower is designed in such a way that it can be folded for easy storage when you are through with your cardiovascular exercise.
  • It is unlikely to suffer from the common problems experienced in cheaper machines, such as poor ergonomics and cord whiplash.
  • The rower offers a safe rowing experience for tall and short individuals alike.
  • The equipment is affordable
  • The frames are sturdy.
  • The assembly is very simple and can only take around 30 minutes.
  • It is heavyBodyCraft-VR100-Monitor
  • The monitor bears little or no relation to the rower’s effort.
  • Footrests swivel about
  • The handle tends to bump the flywheel at the beginning of the stroke
  • The resistance settings above level 2 are too high


Benefits of a home rowing machine

This rowing machine has been designed and engineered to cater for the needs of professional athletes, gym buffs and home-exercisers alike.

It is a safe, excellent and satisfying way to workout at the comfort of your home since it exercises almost the whole body simultaneously: the lower back, legs, thighs, chest, shoulders abs and arms. Rowing machine workouts are therefore excellent for those who:

  • want to experience a fast weight loss in a shockingly short period of time… bodycraft vr100 rower machine workouts burn around 650 calories per hour making it one of the highest calorie burning exercises you can do.
  • do not have enough money to invest in high-end rowing machines such as the Concept2 or the Waterrower
  • want to have a serious aerobic workout
  • are looking for an exercise with low risk of injuries… rowers have a natural motion and the impact is extremely low, exerting minimal pressure on your joints. Since you exercise while seated low to the ground, chances of falling are very small.
Bodycraft VR100 vs concept 2

Seriously! You really can’t compare these two machines. The Concept2 is simply in a class of it’s own and it’s not actually that much more expensive that the VR100. The rowing action is better, it is built better and the computer monitor… well it’s like comparing the space shuttle to a Ford!

If you still want to save the $150 or so, at the time of writing it was $749 on Amazon.

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