Eat to Lose Weight

Most people think that if you eat much less, you MUST lose weight. This is not necessarily the case as this infographic points out.  

Weight Loss is not Just about Counting Calories

The popular belief about weight loss long held by dieters and professed by fitness and diet experts was: Burn more calories than you take in and you’ll lose weight. Simple! Well perhaps so but many disillusioned dieters would beg to differ with this mathematical maxim.

Many food companies, intent on improving their image in the face of mounting obesity have created “lite” versions of popular snacks like Oreos, Twinkie and Twixt. Coca Cola has created a fun video to demonstrated how much fun it is to burn off the calories in a can of regular Coke.

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Rowing Training Diet

When you are in training good nutrition rules don’t change. However, because of the calories you burn during workouts there are some eating suggestions that will help you stay strong and energetic. Variety in foods including fruits, veggies, nuts, dairy products, and whole grains is the secret to peak performance levels.

Unlike a diet for people engaged in less strenuous activity, athletes in training consume more carbohydrates and fats. These fuel the physical activity. Athletes may also need more protein than regular diet.

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