Stamina Hydraulic Rowing Machines

Great for the money!

When I first reviewed the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050, it had a list price of $229.99. Now it is down to $149.99! This is really an amazing price for what is essentially a pretty good rowing machine.

Stamina body trac glider 1050 foldedThis is one of the single hydraulic cylinder resistance system machines, which are really meant for regular but not intense use. Having said that, it is great for home use as it is very compact when folded making it easy to store.

If you are looking for something that can take a bit more “bashing”, you might want to consider the Stamina Air Rower 1399 which is double the price but will hold out longer that any hydraulic model.

The dual “oars” are supposed to simulate rowing on water, but if you have actually really rowed on water you will know that there is very little relationship! This doesn’t really matter as the action still allows you to strengthen your back, legs and arms as any other type of rowing machine.

The monitor tracks workout time, stroke count, and calories burned and has a scan mode that switches measures every six seconds. Certainly a very basic monitor and, quite frankly, any monitor that gives you a calories burned score is never going to be that accurate. For the best monitor on the market, you need to go up market and get yourself a Concept 2, which will not only last you a lifetime, but will enable you to complete online!

Positive features of the Stamina Body Track Glider Rowing Machine include its extremely low purchase price, quiet operation, solid steel frame, and ease of storage. The newer incrementation  of the Body Trac Glider boasts an improved seat, foot rests and monitor.

Some negative features include poorly designed foot rests, loss of resistance after prolonged or heavy use, a tendency to develop annoying squeaks and other noises over time, and a limited guarantee.  Many people have made their own adjustments to the foot rests by adding pieces of plastic to go under the heel. The new 1060 model has addressed this issue and now provides better designed foot placements.

For a customer with limited resources and moderate intentions in the exercise department, the Stamina Body Track Glider 1050 offers a low cost way to get a sense of the potential benefits of a regular rowing machine workout.

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