Different Types of Rowing Workouts

Why Rowing Machine Workouts?

Rowing machines have become a popular home workout vehicle for several reasons:

  • Rowing machines burn calories. Rowing for half an hour burns up to 200 calories—depending on your pace and the resistance setting of the machine. So mathematically in a month you could but up to six thousand calories with just a half hour a day time investment.
  • Rowing machines target muscle groups in abdomen, arms and legs.
  • Rowing is a good cardiovascular exercise. It strengthens cardiac muscles and raises the heart beat leading to better blood circulation.
  • Rowing leads to better muscle tone
  • Rowing eases stress. You will feel more energized, more confident, more optimistic and less anxious.
  • A rowing machine workout is low impact exercise.

The best time for a rowing machine workout is early morning or late evening when your stomach is empty. Drink water before and after your half hour of rowing.
If you are a beginner, start with lower resistance e.g. 2-3 level. Proper posture is vital to avoid back pain. Gradually increase time and resistance over a period of weeks.

Example Workouts

1. Beginners
Try a WaterRower. If you are a complete beginner, row on low resistance (i.e., 2 or 3) for three to five minutes. If you have a medium level of fitness you might extend the time to ten or fifteen minutes. If you are very fit, you might row fifteen to thirty minutes.
When starting out, shorter sessions more often are better than one longer session.

Row at an easy pace with a smooth stroke rate of eighteen to twenty-two strokes per minute.
Take a few weeks to reach a comfortable speed for you. Use a heart rate monitor to monitor intensity.

Focus on good posture. Regulate ratio and rhythm. Make sure you pass through all the checkpoints. Practice your slide drill. Take twice as long to slide forwards on recovery compared to the drive back.

Always allow tome for a cool down and stretch period after each rowing workout.

A good beginner schedule is three to four workouts the first week.


For more seasoned rowers:Twenty-Minute Cardio workout

Set the damper (controls the drag or resistance) between 3 and 5. Choose a comfortable pace.
Row for nine minutes
Stand up. Stretch. You might try walking lunges.
Sit down. Complete the second half of your session.

For very Experienced and Fit Rowers: The Thousand-Meter Meltdown

This workout involves rowing long and fast. It also requires perfect rhythm and form.
Increase and decrease the strokes per minute for each set.

Warm up for five or ten minutes.
Set the level to medium.
Do three sets of thousand-meter rows.
Maintain 28 strokes per minute on the first set.
Take a four-minute break.
Do 24 strokes per minute for the second set.
Take a four-minute break.
Complete the third set at 26 strokes per minute.
Warm ups, Cool downs and Stretches
To avoid injuries it is important to do warm ups, cool downs and stretches. A video of helpful suggestions for these vital parts of your rowing workout is available by clicking on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Re-BG7XnY



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