Why is a Rowing Machine the Best Training You Can Do?

A Workout using a Rowing Machine is versatile and extremely important for the body. Rowing offers an optimal total body workout. No matter you are old or young, male or female, trained or untrained; every individual who wishes to be athletic fit is in good hands with a rowing machine. Discover here the benefits of rowing and the important tips and tricks to be kept in mind for the right training!

 Why is rowing so important?

Rowing offers an optimal total body workout. Indoor rowing is pretty popular and is not only just meant for the top athletes. No matter you are old or young, male or female, trained or untrained; everyone who wishes to be athletic fit is in good hands with a rowing machine.

Discover the positive effects that come along with rowing and why you should also consider investing in a rowing machine!

Girl on Concept2 Rowing MachineRegular rowing workouts will…
  • Muscle development and toning
  • Prevention and getting rid of back problems
  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • Improving the stamina
  • Body weight reduction
Muscle Development and Toning

Of all the sports, rowing is one of the healthiest. Usually, over 80% of all major muscle groups are involved during the smooth movements of rowing. The muscles and the fitness will be trained equally. Just have a look at the young rowers for the outcome: their fit body make them a real model athlete. You may realize this dream of yours at home also, by using the Rowing exercise machine. Strong resistance at regular short periods helps grow your muscles. As a result, rowing is equally suitable for both men and women. Shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs, calves, buttocks and back are all especially strained during rowing. As a result, this not only develops the muscles but also tones the body.

Prevention and getting rid of back problems

As per the survey by the German pharmacy, “Rundschau”, 65.2 percent of the population are at least once a year affected by the back pain. A continuous pain has a major impact on the psyche. According to Zeit-Online, Ulf Marnitz, an orthopedist from Rückenzentrum Berlin has figured out: If a person has back problems for at least 3 months, there is a 60 percent probability for him to be suffering from depression. This reason is more than enough, to put an end to the back problems. In many cases, the primary cause for this discomfort is untrained back muscles. This discomfort can be prevented with the help of regular rowing, whether on an exercise machine or on water. The entire torso musculatures, including the deep muscles that ensure the spine stability, are trained with rowing.

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system

In addition to muscle development, regular rowing training especially helps strengthen your cardiovascular system. A robust cardiovascular system plays a critical role in leading a healthy and vital life. Therefore, it’s pretty necessary these days to workout in order to strengthen your heart and the circulatory system. A stronger cardiovascular system results in the expansion of the lung capacity, improved heart performance, and strengthening of the body defenses. There are an ample number of reasons for you to take up rowing today. In addition, cardio workout helps prevent many risk factors such as hypertension, obesity or metabolic disorders. Rowing on an ergometer is often recommended for high-risk patients due to its adjustable stress levels. This proves the point: Rowing is a boon for your health.

Waterrower Rowing Machine
Waterrower Rowing Machine
Improving stamina

Regular rowing workout is ideal for strengthening the heart muscles and the heart vessels and prepares you for the daily physical stress. The entire body is involved during rowing, which is why it gives the ideal conditions for an effective fitness training. You’ll soon notice that with each session, you’ll become stronger, more tenacious, and also more confident. Improved stamina brings along many positive effects: enhances the performance and power of concentration, and reduces the stress as well. Also, it greatly reduces the risk of developing hypertension or diabetes. In all, rowing among other things can significantly help reducing the risk of heart attack.

Body weight reduction

Guaranteed calorie reduction! Since the entire body is involved during rowing, therefore it’s an ideal solution for fitness training. Especially the overweight people are in good hands in case of rowing boat or a rowing machine. Unlike running or cycling, there is hardly ever any strain on the joints. Nevertheless, the body fat loss is highly effective. About 700 calories per hour can be burnt, with low resistance over longer periods. The loss of muscle mass, which is often the case in a normal diet, can be prevented through this physical exertion.


  • …that 1 hour of rowing workout burns around 700 calories?
  • … that approximately 80% of all major muscle groups are involved during these smooth movements?
  • that rowing is one of the healthiest sports of all and can be operated by all age groups?
  • that any possibility for risk of injury during rowing is minimal due to its uniform and smooth movements?

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