Waterrower vs Concept 2

The first thing to say when comparing these two machines is that they are without doubt the best on the market. OK, so you’re looking at around $1000, but this is all the gym equipment you are ever going to need. Both extremely well built and perform incredibly well. For people in a hurry, I have compiled quick comparison chart of the main features.

Quick Comparison Chart

Waterrower vs Concept2


Concept2 D/E

Summary Best for people who care about aesthetics, space and noise. Easier on the knees. Best for people who are serious about maximizing their training and are less concerned about space and noise. Easier on the lower back.
Noise Very quiet. Pretty much the only noise is the sloshing of the water in the tank. The new nickel chain has reduced the noise level a bit, but the fan is loud.
Durability Very well built and extremely durable. Very well built and extremely durable.
Rowing feel Uneven stroke: resistance at the catch (beginning of the pull) is high, falls off as you accelerate, and picks up again at the end. The catch is very light, but the resistance increases smoothly throughout the acceleration of the pull.
Design Most models made in wood and would fit in quite unobtrusively in your living room. Come in light grey or black. Very stylish in the gym.
Storage Designed to be stored standing on its end, it takes up very little space. You can easily pick it up from the back and wheel it around. Not so compact to store and although they have made it fairly easy, it is still a bit of a faff breaking the machine into its two halfs for storage.
Computer Has the necessary functions for a general workout but not very sophisticated. PM3 or PM4, which includes a heart monitor and chest strap. Measurement of performance so accurate that you can compete online with other rowers.
Mechanism Uses a strap, which is virtually silent and a water tank to dampen the stroke. Seat rolls on plastic rollers on a wooden slide, which is more forgiving if any dirt gets on the rails. Uses a chain and air dampening making it noisy. Can be an advantage as it gives you audible feedback on the stroke. Seat rides on steel rollers on an aluminium slide. Small pieces of dirt on the slide will drive you crazy when rowing!
Ergonomics Flat rail giving less knee compression at the end of the recovery. Better for people with chronic knee problems. Seat has slight backward tilt which puts more pressure on the lower back. Has a light forward tilt of the rail. Seat also slightly tipped forward making it better for people with lower back issues.
Footrests Not well designed. They are of a moulded plastic that catch when trying to get your shoe in or out and the sharp edges make it impossible to row bare foot. Moulded plastic with a curved floating heel allowing the heels to rise. Comfortable rowing barefoot.
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